La Ferrage
The kitchen


The seminar includes both the finer cuisine and everyday cooking (the little tricks to reach a great result). Our kitchen school is also a forum where we talk about the composition of a menu, when to serve what, the choice of wines, etc. And our menus are always composed with a wide selection of fresh products in season.

Fresh vegetables

In creating the weekly menus we have tried to cover most of the ground rules in the art of cooking concentrating on the French and Italian cuisine.

It is our hope that our work in the kitchen, our visits to the local markets, the daily discussions etc. enable us to give the participants a set of rules useful in the daily cooking. And being so few people during each seminar we can accommodate both the enthusiastic amateur and the sharp professional.

We will try to include:

  • Fonds
  • Sauces, hot and cold
  • Dressings
  • Soups
  • Cold and hot appetizers
  • Cuts
  • Methods of preparation
  • Which fish is suited for what
  • Entrees of chicken, game in season, lamb, beef and veal, including preparation of the meets before cooking and cooking methods
  • Preparation of fixings and choice of suitable fixings making the course a whole
  • Composition of menus
  • Cheeses
  • Basic recipes for desserts

For further information, see suggested itenerary. Please note that menu changes may occur as we follow the seasons.

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